Murder in the First

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This moving courtroom drama is based on a true incident that exposed the shocking conditions at Alcatraz. The tale begins when 18-year old Willie Moore makes the biggest mistake of his life. Now, all he wants is a chance to talk baseball before he dies.

Recorded at the DoubleTree Guest Suites, Santa Monica, in 1995.

Directed by Steve Albrezzi

Producing Director Susan Albert Loewenberg

Edward Asner as Henkin and Warden Harold Humson

Kate Asner as Mary McCasslin

David Birney as Byron Davidson

Ron Byron as The Bailiff and The Jailer

William Frankfather as Milton Glenn and Harve Bennet

Arye Gross as Henry Willard Davidson

Andrew Hawkes as Willie Moore

Cynthia Mace as Blanche and Irene

Eric Poppick as William McNeil

John Randolph as Judge Henry T. Clawson

Gil Segel as Jerry Hoolihan, the Landlord, and Burt Russell

Bill Smitrovich as Derek Simpson, the Foreman, and Terrence Swenson

Radio Production and Original Music by Raymond Guarna

Foley Artist: Amy Strong

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Murder in the First

0 ratings
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