The Jungle

L.A. Theatre Works
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David Schwimmer and Chicago’s Lookingglass Theatre Company created this innovative and heart-wrenching adaptation of Upton Sinclair’s powerhouse novel, in a co-production with L.A. Theatre Works.

A young Lithuanian immigrant, full of hope, arrives in Chicago in 1904 to work in the stockyards. He and his family soon find themselves processed like the very cattle they slaughter, by the system they dreamed would save them.

Recorded at the Guest Quarters Suites, Chicago in April 1992.

Director: David Schwimmer

Producing Director Susan Albert Loewenberg

Starring an Ensemble Cast Playing Over 50 Roles:

David Catlin, Thomas Cox, Larry Distasi, Christine Dunford, Laura Eason, Joy Gregory, Tom Hodges, David Kersnar, Phil Smith, Heidi Stillman, Andrew White, Temple Williams

Radio Producer: Robert Neuhaus

Recording Engineer: Larry Rock

Production Stage Manager: Jan Watson

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