BOGAAZAN! The Child on the Battleship Yamato

L.A. Theatre Works
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As the Japanese battleship Yamato steams towards the island of Okinawa in the closing months of World War II, a naval officer on board makes an unexpected discovery among the stores of rice, leeks and pickled radishes. A child has stowed away there, hoping to return to her mother on Okinawa. His reluctant decision to protect her prompts a voyage of inner discovery and stirs emotions as deep as the seas that threaten to swallow his “unsinkable” ship.

Recorded live in performance at the Doubletree Guest Suites, Santa Monica in July 1995.

Directed by Mako

Producing Director Susan Albert Loewenberg

June Angela as Maiko Ooshiro

Francois Chau as Chef Koukichi Tsuji

Shizuko Hoshi as Ichikawa’s daughter Maiko

Jim Ishida as Broadcasting Station Chief

Dana Lee as Captain Ariga

James Saito as Leading Seaman Eiichi Kondo

Shaun Shimoda as Boy Seaman Takeo

B.D. Wong as Sub-Lieutenant Takeshi Ichikawa

Keone Young as Old Ichikawa

Associate Producer: Robert Robinson

Radio Producer: Raymond Guarna

Foley Artist: Amy Strong

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BOGAAZAN! The Child on the Battleship Yamato

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