The 2020 Collection (CD)

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L.A. Theatre Works presents the entire 2020 season of plays in an elegant box set.

The 2020 Collection includes: 

Behind the Sheet by Charly Evon Simpson
Performed by: Monica McSwain, Matthew Floyd Miller, Dominique Morisseau, Larry Powell, Devon Sorvari, Jasmine St. Clair, Josh Stamberg, Danielle Moné Truitt, Karen Malina White, Inger Tudor

The Hard Problem by Tom Stoppard
Performed by: Eddie Cahill, Rosie Fellner, Adhir Kalyan, Desirée Mee Jung, Julian Morris, Hannah Murray, Moira Quirk, Alex Wyndham

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, adapted by David Schwimmer
Performed by: David Catlin, Thomas Cox, Lawrence DiStasi, Christine Dunford, Laura Eason, Joy Gregory, Tom Hodges, David Kersnar, Philip R. Smith, Heidi Stillman, Andrew White, Temple Willams

The Manchurian Candidate by John Lahr, adapted from the novel by Richard Condon
Performed by: Ray Baker, Mara Casey, Mark Alexander Clover, Joe Forbrich, Julie Gainey,
Kelsey Grammer, Rebecca Jordan, Doug McDade, Brian Pudil, Linda Reiter, Jim Saltorous

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Adapted by Kate McAll
Performed by: Seamus Dever, Adhir Kalyan, Stacy Keach, Cerris Morgan-Moyer, Mike McShane, Darren Richardson

New York Profiles by Kirsten Dahl
Performed by: Valerie Landsburg, Kevin McDermott, William Palmieri, Joshua Rifkind, Al Ruscio, Elizabeth Ruscio, Brenda Varda

Nora by Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Ingmar Bergman, translated by Frederick J. Marker and Lise-Lone Marker Performed by: David Dukes, Robert Foxworth, Natalija Nogulich, Linda Purl, John Vickery

Pressure by David Haig
Performed by: Jonathan Cake, Josh Cole, Sarah Drew, Michael McShane, James Morrison, Darren Richardson, André Sogliuzzo, Matthew Wolf

Vietgone by Qui Nguyen
Performed by: Will Dao, Desirée Mee Jung, Greg Watanabe, Paul Yen, Jeena Yi

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The 2020 Collection (CD)

0 ratings
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