A Walk in the Woods

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An idealistic American diplomat locks horns with a mercurial Soviet negotiator during a series of conversations in the woods outside Geneva. As their mutual friendship and understanding deepens, an awareness that their work may ultimately be pointless casts a shadow over their hopes to achieve a lasting peace.

Includes a post-play discussion with playwright Lee Blessing and UCLA Political Science professor Richard Anderson.

Lead funding for A Walk in the Woods is generously provided by The John Logan Foundation.

Recorded before an audience at UCLA's James Bridges Theater in January 2019.

Directed by Cameron Watson
Producing Director Susan Albert Loewenberg
Alfred Molina as Andrey Botvinnik
Steven Weber as John Honeyman

Associate Artistic Director, Anna Lyse Erikson

Recording Engineer, Sound Designer and Mixer, Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood

Senior Radio Producer, Ronn Lipkin

Production Manager, Rick V. Moreno

Editor, Julian Nicholson.

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A Walk in the Woods

1 rating
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