The Confession of Henry Jekyll, M.D.

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On the last night of his life, Henry Jekyll records the harrowing story of his years-long struggle to maintain his reputation as a physician and philanthropist - while secretly suppressing the voracious beast he had long felt lurking within. Playwright David Rambo drew on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson for inspiration to create this original L.A. Theatre Works commission.

Includes a conversation with playwright David Rambo and horror expert Leslie S. Klinger.

Recorded before an audience at the UCLA James Bridges Theater in April 2023.

Directed by Anna Lyse Erikson

Producing Director: Susan Albert Loewenberg

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast production starring:

Laila Ayad as Iris Bravo and others

Edita Brychta as Dr. Semerenko and others

Seamus Dever as Dr. Henry Jekyll and Robert Hyde

Matthew Hancock as Nick Underwood

Venk Potula as Tyler Poole and others

André Sogliuzzo as the Priest, Bouncer, Rookie Cop and others

Senior Producer: Anna Lyse Erikson

Prepared for Audio by Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood

Recording Engineer and Sound Designer: Mark Holden

Editor and Mixing Engineer: Charles Carroll

Senior Radio Producer: Ronn Lipkin

Foley Artist: Brian Wallace

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The Confession of Henry Jekyll, M.D.

3 ratings
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