Together Tonight: Hamilton, Jefferson, Burr

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Three prominent Americans debate the merits of unchecked immigration, national security, and civil rights. While it sounds like a contemporary, made-for-TV event, this confrontation takes place in 1799, with three of America’s Founding Fathers as participants: Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and Aaron Burr. Legendary radio dramatist Norman Corwin created this imagined discussion from the participants’ actual writings, proving that when it comes to politics, some things never change.

Recorded before an audience at UCLA’s James Bridges Theater in October 2016.

Directed by Alexis Jacknow
Producing Director Susan Albert Loewenberg
JD Cullum as Aaron Burr
Gregory Harrison as Thomas Jefferson
Henri Lubatti as Pickering and others
Brian Tichnell as Alexander Hamilton

Associate Artistic Director, Anna Lyse Erikson. Recording Engineer, Sound Designer and Mixer, Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood. Senior Radio Producer, Ronn Lipkin. Foley Artist, Aaron Lyons. Production Manager, Rick V. Moreno. Editor, Mitchell Lindskoog.

This production is dedicated to the memory of our friend and patron Rachel Goodman.

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Together Tonight: Hamilton, Jefferson, Burr

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